The artist and his hands full of paint as he crafts his artwork, amendments and music sheets in pieces fallen from the musician’s hands before concluding his masterpiece, the bright shining diamond after a long polishing procedure…

These are clear instances that show how in order to attain something glorious and sublime, we must walk a road that is long, tough and sometimes dirty… But in the end, goals are achieved and we are rewarded, with a higher value if we accomplish our ambitions with great effort and constancy. Dirrty Work signifies these ideals, hence its laudatory connotation of “dirty work”.

Dirrty Work is a casual street wear brand born between the dark grey concrete from Barcelona and the reddish London bricks, merging the urban culture with the latest fashion tendencies. This brand arises from the love toward “sneakers”, street dance and sports, contributing with diverse ideas and patterns from different styles. Focusing on small details and accessories, lover of limited editions and the street culture.

We are aiming to support anything involved in this lifestyle; collaborations with different artists, dancers, sneakers-heads, musicians, etc. and also taking part in urban culture events, extreme sports competitions, showcases and much more.


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